What to say to a mission partner on home leave

When your mission partner visits, are you sometimes at a loss for what to say to them? Maybe you want to know what’s happening but don’t know what to ask? There are some questions they love to answer and some they dread. But mission partners love to talk about the people and country they love. And good questions fuel great conversation.

Read up before they come! Look at their recent prayer letters, remind yourself of their work. This helps avoid the discouraging question, ‘What are you doing there again?!’ Be specific: no one knows quite how to answer the question ‘How is Kenya?’ (or wherever they live). And remember, they’re based overseas because of the people they’re ministering among, so ask about them! Some ideas to get you started:

About the country

  • What is your favourite part of your country?
  • How is the weather different from here?
  • How is day-to-day life similar/different?
  • What’s the religious climate?
  • What is church like?

About ministry

  • Tell me about the people you're ministering with?
  • What does a typical week look like?
  • What are some of your favourite things you get to do in your work?
  • What encouragements (or challenges!) have you had recently?

About their experience

  • What local foods do you like/dislike?
  • What are your favourite parts about living there?
  • Have you had any challenges adapting to the culture?
  • What do you find difficult about being back in the UK?

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