Why our church has mission partners

Crossway Stratford Church

There’s so much work for a church to spend its money on here at home – why invest in overseas mission? Jamie Child tells us their thinking at Crossway Stratford Church.

Right from when we started in 2016 we wanted to partner with Luigi Palombo in Bologna. It felt risky because we didn’t know we’d have enough money to make ends meet for ourselves. But here are three reasons why it was one of the best decisions we made:

1.    We had hard-wired into our approach to money and prayer that it is more blessed to give than receive (Acts 20:35). We’ve had to trust the Lord that it is better to send money somewhere else than use it for ourselves. We’ve had to trust the Lord to provide that money. Both of those things have been good for growing our faith as we’ve seen the Lord provide.

2.    It’s kept our focus on world mission. Every time we hear from Luigi and pray for him we are reminded of all that the Lord is doing in his global harvest field. That’s encouraging in itself but also a spur to us to keep going in our corner of that field.

3.    Luigi’s example of what it means to be a partner in the gospel has encouraged others to do the same. He asks us for prayer and tells us what the Lord is doing in Bologna. Then he asks us what he can pray for us and seeks to encourage us. He shows us what partnership looks like and as he does that we’ve found others doing the same.

For all these reasons and more we’re really looking forward to joining in partnership with Matt and Helen Pope as they head to Chile this summer.

Find out how to get your church involved in mission. Email us if you want to be linked up with a mission partner.

This article was originally posted in the Crosslinks magazine.

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