Praying for Missionary Kids

The children of mission partners are an important part of the team, so let’s not forget them in our prayers. Here are a few things you can ask the Lord for on behalf of missionary kids (MKs):

  • Pray that they turn to trust in Jesus for themselves. A MK’s greatest need is Jesus so pray that they will make that personal commitment for themselves.
  • Pray for spiritual growth – that they’d put Jesus first, will be growing in their love for the Lord and be assured that Christ is with them in all circumstances. 
  • Pray for good relationships. Pray for honest and joyful relationships with their parents, for close friendships between siblings, and for them to make friends locally. Pray that relationships with friends and family back in the UK would be sustained, despite the distance. 
  • Pray for cultural adjustment. MKs face the challenge of not quite ‘belonging’ anywhere so pray that they will cope well with being different to their peers and that they’d appreciate their unique experiences. Pray that they will value their future, heavenly home even more.
  • Pray for language. Not understanding what other people are saying is confusing, and it’s hard to make friends when they don’t speak the local language. Pray for patience, quick learning and for language not to be a barrier.
  • Pray for safety. Life can be unsafe living overseas: natural disasters, unstable governments, hazardous travel, pollution, inadequate medical care, foreign illnesses. Pray that the Lord would keep them safe and, if crisis hits, they will keep trusting that God is in control. 
  • Pray for transitions. MKs often have to cope with constant change, lots of goodbyes and moving house often. Pray that they’d trust in God during transitions and be able to adjust quickly to new environments.
  • Pray that they’d be able to be a good witness for Jesus. Pray that they’d have the confidence to talk about Jesus with their peers and that their behaviour would be a good witness.
  • Pray for their return. It may be a long way off, but at some point your mission partners’ kids will probably return to the UK. Pray ahead for this: that they’d be learning the right lessons now to prepare them for the culture change and that the Lord would put the right people around them to help them cope.

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