Mission in 140 characters

What is mission? How would you describe it in 140 characters? I asked around the office to see what others think:

Mission is sharing the overflow of God’s love for the world in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jamie, Mission Partnerships Team Leader 

God calls us to share in his global mission (anywhere and to anyone) by telling people about sin, Jesus and the salvation he offers. Daisy, Short-term Co-ordinator 

The mission of the church is to nurture genuine followers of Christ, in the teaching of Christ, with a view to obedience of Christ. David, Ireland Team Leader

Jesus died so that we don’t have to. If you can help take that simple message to every part of the world then you’re doing mission. Mark, Communications Manager

The task of taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit: making disciples of all nations. Pete, Partnerships and Fundraising Manager

To tell the gospel of Jesus and release God’s kingdom, to convict, convince and convert people to be baptised disciples in his church. Ian, BEST Co-ordinator

Our redeemer and LORD of heaven and earth commanded that disciples should be made of all nations. As faithful and obedient disciples, we must do it. Ade, Mission Partnerships Team Administrator

Mission is God’s people, going about God’s business of telling God’s world about God’s Salvation through God's Son Jesus Christ. Colin, Ireland Staff Worker

Jesus is returning, the new creation and hell are real, therefore mission (telling others about Jesus) is completely necessary and loving. Helen, Church Partnerships Co-ordinator

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How would you describe mission in 140 characters? Email us and we’ll add it to the list!

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