The gospel in one minute

We asked some mission partners how they’d explain the gospel in one minute in their context…

J works with Muslim immigrants in a city in the UK. 

What is the result of not obeying God’s rules? When Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree their shame separated them from the presence of a holy God (Genesis 3:8-13). God’s response is to make clothes from the skin of an animal to cover their shame and nakedness (Genesis 3:21). Blood had to be shed, to cover shame and allow them to be in relationship with God. In the same way as Christians we believe that Christ’s blood had to be shed to restore our relationship with God. The things we do wrong bring so much shame that it is impossible to cover them on our own.  

At the time of writing, Jaki was working in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa, among those suffering from poverty, crime, addictions and social exclusion. (She is now part of the Crosslinks office team.)

Above all the gospel is a message of hope; not the false hope of material blessings that the Prosperity Gospel offers. Instead it is hope in the midst of suffering and the message that God understands our suffering because he experienced it in the person of Jesus. God entered into our suffering to release us from it and reconcile us to himself for an eternity of blessings. The book of Job shows us suffering within a biblical context and the book of Revelation shows us what life without sin and suffering will look like.

At the time of writing, Tim was working with the international community living in Thailand.

The amazing truth of God’s love is that each and every person is unique and loved by God, and in God’s eyes all people are equal. It matters not whether you are a government representative, a high executive business person, an urban refugee, a student, or a passing backpacker. It matters not which continent you come from, or what your home culture might be. We are called to be citizens of God’s kingdom. God loves you because you are you! And remember the old saying, ‘God has no grandchildren’. No one is a Christian because their parents may have been Christians, or because they come from a ‘Christian’ country, or even because they have done a degree in theology. The only way to be a Christian is to recognise that Jesus Christ is the Way to God: that he died on the cross to forgive you for your sins and that he rose from the grave to promise you the amazing gift of eternal life. Welcome him; receive him; accept Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. Jesus is not only the Way; he is the Truth and the Life as well. We can’t experience true life without him.

Do you work in a different context? Let us know your one-minute gospel and we’ll add it to the list!

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