Get prayer letters sent direct to your phone

When that prayer letter pops into your inbox or drops onto your doormat, how do you rate your chances at remembering to pray?

For some, this may be pretty high. For others, we know we just won’t remember the things they’ve asked us to pray for. Or maybe we’ll pray there and then, but forget to petition the Lord about these things again until the next letter drops. Well, PrayerMate could help.

In the app, you can list all the things you’d like to pray for regularly and group them into topics – perhaps ‘family’, ‘church small group’, ‘unbelieving friends’, or ‘growing more like Jesus’. Each day, the app will give you an item from each topic to work through. What’s better, you can subscribe to content from Crosslinks – we’ll give you a bite-size item to pray for each day, to keep world mission on the agenda.

But how does this help you pray for those easily-forgotten mission partners? You can now get their letters sent straight to the app. When you swipe through the topics, your mission partner’s name will be there, prompting you to pray. Their latest letter will automatically come through, telling you just what they need prayer for right now.

To get started, download the app and then go to your mission partner's page on the Crosslinks website. Scroll down until you see ‘Subscribe via Prayermate’ and you’re two clicks away.

Want to know a bit more about the app? Check out the video below:

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