What do the Crosslinks office team do?

Mark Gillespie

Crosslinks exists to enable people to play their part in God’s mission. We emphasise strong relationships between the church at home and their mission partner, and them with their placement. Once that relationship has been established, what else is there for Crosslinks to do? What do the office teams in London and Belfast do?

Put simply, we work hard to support these relationships. Yes, mission partners could send out their own prayer letters, sort out medicals, manage finances, oversee their own training, set up insurance and arrange visits to partner churches - but all of that would detract from the job they have been sent to do. Time spent on paperwork means less time on gospel work.

The Crosslinks office team take the burden of these things off our mission partners. But in addition to admin there are other matters to consider – the mission partner’s emotional welfare, physical health, personal safety, arranging their overseas placement, accountability, preparation and debriefing… all of these things matter and there are team members specifically responsible for them. 

Recently, Beth Buchanan visited mission partners in East Asia. These people often work alone in situations where openly professing faith could put them in jeopardy. They sometimes have limited local support and communications to partner churches have to be guarded. Beth was able to spend time talking to and praying with mission partners who have few means of encouragement.

Similarly, Crosslinks works to discover new opportunities for mission. John McLernon recently discussed just that with the Archbishop of Tanzania, on his visit to London. During his recent visit to Chile, Jamie Read was able to talk with church leaders about how they would like Crosslinks to serve the Church there.

Then there are the team members dedicated to enabling short-term mission. A lot of work goes into finding placements, assessing people, training and travel arrangements. The success of even a short visit relies on good preparation. In August a team of six students from Queen's University Belfast spent two weeks in Durban alongside mission partner Nerena Neathercoat. They got stuck in with evangelism across two campuses of the University of KwaZulu Natal. What a great way to spend the summer – an experience they will keep with them for life and a great way of exploring future missionary service.

How would your pastor or vicar cope without support from the church office team? The Crosslinks office team supports 120 mission partners, 50 study partners and (in 2018) 60 short-term mission partners. By partnering with the Crosslinks office team you will be enabling these people to take God’s word to God’s world.

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