Seven top tips for sharing the gospel with Muslims

  1.  Pray with purpose for the Muslims that you encounter in your neighbourhood. Faithful and consistent prayer is the foundation for all work among Muslims. Once you start praying, you will be surprised at the number of people you meet! Pray for perception to know with whom you should pursue a friendship.
  2. Persist in trying to make deeper contact with your Muslim neighbour or work colleague. It may appear to be slow going, as it takes a long time to build trust, but keep going and the Lord may grant you long-term fruit.
  3. Presence is very important - spending time with your Muslim neighbour speaks volumes. Accept invitations to meet for coffee or go to their homes, even if they refuse to come to your house initially.
  4. Persevere, even when communication is difficult and the prospect of developing a deep relationship seems far off in the future, keep going as you don’t know the impact. 
  5. Be patient as you persevere, those opportunities to share your faith will eventually arise. Have patience despite misunderstandings and apparent difficulties.
  6. Avoid probing too much into personal circumstances, especially with refugees who may have been through significant trauma.
  7. Be bold in proclamation. Share your life story, your conversion and your faith. Tell them what you believe. It is normal in a Muslim culture to talk about God but it is unusual to hear personal stories and testimony. 

J has worked with Muslims for over 15 years, firstly in North Africa and more recently among the growing refugee community in a city in the UK.  If you want to know more, she recommends reading “Engaging with Muslims” by John Klaassen.

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