10 small ways to support your mission partner

Taking part in global mission isn’t all about sending money or putting yourself on a plane. By showing your mission partner you care you can help keep them doing what they’re doing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Send an email. Reply to their email updates and prayer letters – and try to do it every time! Tell them that you prayed for them and what you prayed. Tell them about you: life, ministry, joys, struggles. Ask them questions – about work, home life, frustrations, joys. To make it easy to reply after reading a prayer letter, there is a reply form at the base of every Crosslinks online prayer letter.
  • Give them a call. Why not make a skype call part of a church service?
  • Keep them informed. Let them know when you change contact address or email – bounced prayer letters can be discouraging. Send them your church magazine, prayer diary and links to sermons. Let them know what is happening at church: events, camps, births, marriages, staff changes.
  • Ask for their advice. Cross-cultural mission is their area of expertise, so use them!
  • Send some post. It could be a care parcel containing things they might be missing – chocolate, toiletries, books, foods, TV shows, etc. Or how about some resources to help your mission partner in their work? Send photos, such as pictures of church events, your kids growing up or what you’ve been up to. You could encourage your mission partner’s children to be pen pals with yours or those at church.
  • Raise awareness. Make sure others in your church know of your mission partner’s work, latest news and points for prayer.
  • Remember Christmas and birthdays. Send cards and presents to mark special occasions and those of any children.
  • Love and care for family members who they’ve left behind.
  • Help make home assignment easy. Lend a phone, car or kid’s car seat, help with childcare, or offer the use of a holiday home.
  • Have one eye on the day when they return. Returning mission partners need lots of support so don’t neglect them when that day comes. Read this blog post for ideas of how you can help.

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