The Reformation and mission

Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves will be speaking at Crosslinks Europe to the world and back day conference in London on 25 November. We took the opportunity to find out some of his Reformation highlights.

What excites you most about the Reformation, 500 years on?

The beautiful Reformation rediscoveries of justification by grace alone and the supreme authority of scripture have been happily transformative for me. And it has been a pleasure for me to see many other lives similarly rescued and brightened by these sweet truths. I’m therefore excited at the special opportunity we have this year to tell people this good news – not simply to look back in gratitude, but to herald a message of grace that has already turned so many lives upside down.

Which reformers stand out as those who grasped God’s vision for mission to the nations?

I immediately think of John Calvin, who sought to make Geneva a centre for world evangelisation. From Geneva, missionaries went out to Poland, Hungary, Italy and even South America. What was striking about Calvin’s ministry was how joined-up it was: it seemed he couldn’t do theology that wasn’t mission-minded and he couldn’t abide mission that wasn’t theologically robust. As he once put it, ‘A good missionary is a good theologian. A good theologian is a good missionary.’ Calvin showed that Reformation theology instinctively drives Christians towards mission to the ends of the earth.

Michael, we’re really pleased that you are speaking at our mission conference in London on 25 November. Can you give us a taster of what you’re going to speak on? 

I can’t wait! I want us to focus on just how helpfully Reformation truths can stir and spur on healthy mission today. My hope is that we can leave rejoicing at how justification by faith alone forges mission and how scripture alone fertilises mission. 

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