Children’s Bible Club in Riga

Mārtiņš Martinsons

Singing time

Pārdaugava Reformed Church held a Children’s Bible Club from 10 to 13 July. The main purpose was to reach children and their parents that are living the local area. God granted us 38 children aged between 8 and 12 – which is a lot of kids! Most of them came from non-Christian families and don’t regularly attend church. The teaching programme was built around the evangelistic course “Epic Explorers”. The children were able to clearly understand Jesus’ identity, death, resurrection and the implications of this for their lives. The highlight of the club was the daily question and answer time - God really surprised us in this! Every day we had more questions than we could answer and they all displayed real interest in the gospel. For example, the questions included: “Who made God?”, “How could Jesus rise from the dead?”, “Why did God make man?” and “Why did Jesus have to die?” One of our team members remarked, “I wish adults would ask questions like these!”

Bible teaching

On the Sunday after the bible club, we held a special church service where the kids presented the songs they learned during the week. Many of the children’s parents came and we were able to proclaim the gospel clearly and have conversations with them afterwards.

Pray for the children who attended the club, and for their parents. Pray that those who showed genuine interest in our Sunday school would start to attend. Pray for the contacts to grow into lasting relationships where the gospel can be shared and explained.

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