Books for Serbia

'The state of theological resources in Serbian is abysmal, so the need is spectacular,' wrote Dwayne Baldwin, the Director of a Theological Seminary in Serbia.

He continues, 'While there are some good works translated from English into Serbian, many of them are only devotional and some of them are actually theologically misleading. The English language has a harvest of good theological books at its disposal. The question is, are we satisfied before God to settle for Serbia having books only available to the chosen few who can read theological English, or should we focus on getting good theology into the hands of every person in Serbia, Christian or not? Why not start a flood of books into Serbia so that the waters of Christ's truth rise to cover the country!”

This is where Project Timothy comes in. The project’s aim is to provide training, courses, books and resources for the Church in Serbia. A big part of this ministry is the translation of English Christian materials into the Serbian language. Riste Micev, Project Co-ordinator, tells us how this task is progressing:

'We are so thankful that we have published two books this year, together with Christian Trust Belgrade – ‘God's Big Picture’ and ‘Dig Deeper’. Due to the lack of good Christian literature available in Serbian, theology schools and seminaries are finding it difficult to provide decent text books for their courses. The good news is that we are making a huge step forward in that direction. This year, the Baptist Theology Seminary used the new translation of 'Dig Deeper' as a tool for their Hermeneutics course. Students at Christian Trust Belgrade used ‘God's Big Picture’ for their course 'Getting to know the Bible'. These are quite basic books but, as we said, with a good plan we could make huge progress with publishing other such books, and more academic titles too.'

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