Liberation Day

25 April is a national holiday in Italy celebrating the liberation of Italy by the Allied forces from the Nazi occupation.

Naples has its own reason for celebrating Liberation Day: between the 27-30 September 1943, the city’s civilian population rebelled against the German occupiers and, through a series of heroic battles, liberated the city by themselves. One of Naples’ metro stations is named after this historic moment - Quattro Giornate (four days). So, on 25 April Italy celebrated its freedom but, tragically, it is still a nation that is oppressed by the forces of the Enemy.

Many people in Naples believe that they can liberate themselves from the shackles of sin, that they can defeat the forces of evil and that they can fight their way to freedom through religious obedience and good works. But, in reality, they are captives, oppressed and blind.

Marisa Albanese’ sculpture Donne Combatente (Fighting Women) is one of the works on display at the Quattro Giornate station. Beneath the four female figures are the Latin words: In giruim imus nocte ecce est consumimur igni (we travel by night and are consumed by fire). Jesus came proclaiming liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind. He came into the night to set at liberty those who are oppressed and was himself consumed by the flames. What a message we have to present to the prisoners around us! Liberation Day is indeed here!

Written by Mark Oden

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