Student stories from Athens

Vasilis Meletiades is studying at Athens Bible College and is interning with IFES Athens a few hours a week. He grew up and went to university in Volos, a small town in central-east Greece. He writes, ‘Growing up I had no Christian friends my age, other than my siblings. For years my parents prayed for Christian peers for me. At university, that prayer was answered. God brought another four believing students from other parts of Greece to study in Volos. My degree in history and archaeology initially led me to doubt the gospel, but now my faith is much stronger as a result. I’d say the student small group I was involved with was the biggest Christian influence. I learnt the importance and privilege of prayer as I prayed week in and week out with other students. I also learnt the importance of reading God’s Word, both with other Christians, and with unbelievers. I read the Bible with a guy called Marios one to one… and God saved him!’

Georgia Milka is a part-time intern with IFES Thessaloniki in northern Greece. Georgia writes, ‘I studied law in a small town called Komotini. Initially I found it hard to speak up about Jesus there. The gospel message seemed so weak. But I’ve learnt that God works mightily through weak people. God used the Christian Union student conference to give me a vision for seekers bible studies and, though it was scary, he enabled me to start a bible study group last year, which three friends came to. One girl seems to have grasped the gospel and is counting the cost. This year in Thessaloniki I’m excited about helping girls here get the Gospel of Luke open with their non-Christian friends!’

Written by Alicia Burgess

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