March 2020

Sometimes to accomplish anything feels like an uphill struggle.

That’s been my experience recently, finding teams to come out for camps, working through the muddle of camps that will - and then can’t - and then can happen in a different place (this has happened three times in the last month), preparing for talks, collecting material for a promotional video for the CORE course, getting technology to work and be audible… Small things in the grand scheme of things and much to be thankful for alongside that… I’ve been grateful to come through the other side and experience resolutions. Prayer has also been an uphill struggle recently – a more important one to put right. It was good to have the reminder in church last Sunday of the privilege we enjoy as God’s children to pray, ‘Our Father…’

Your prayers are so appreciated, along these lines…

Relating to Acorn…

  • Praise God for the team of six coming together for my camp in Gyula this July. Pray we would bond well, coming from different places, and that the planning time on 18 April would come together (current decisions to make on travel, relating to coronavirus – we long that this wouldn’t affect the summer of travels and camps).
  • 'Acorn Team' on the Growing Young Disciples conference in January
    Praise God for strengthened relationships with the CORE students, particularly helped by the 24-hour away day in January. Pray for a number struggling with health difficulties to persevere and that the students would genuinely grow in their bible teaching ability – this month from the Psalms.
  • Thank God for the opportunities to speak from John’s Gospel on a regional youth-leaders’ training weekend and on 'applying the Bible to today' on the CORE course. Pray that we would work hard to understand the lives of the people we teach and be better at applying scripture rightly and more specifically so that God is glorified and people are helped in their walk with (or without) him. Prayer appreciated for speaking on 'giving topical talks biblically' in Hungarian at the end of March.
  • Tuesday evening CORE session preparing Psalm 1 together
    As a team, we had asked for prayer on understanding our roles more clearly – we’re thankful that this is happening! Please pray for confidence for me as I get to grips with various aspects of my work, involving human resources support, developing promotional materials (a video for the CORE course), communication (Acorn newsletter) and involvement in course content / teaching.
  • Feeding back at the Regional Youth Leaders' training
    March sees us taking part on the Langham Hungary conference - pray that some of the pastors present who have a passion for expository teaching of God’s word might come forward to teach on the CORE course. The Acorn team also take part on the Hungarian-organised Youth Leaders Conference - pray that 20 people who work with youth would be led to apply for the course (there’s only space for 12, but better to have more interest!).

On a personal note…

  • After some hard unanswered prayers at the start of the year, we’ve specific need of ongoing trust in God. Jesus’ reaction to both Mary and Martha in John 11 have been a comfort, showing Jesus’ willingness to ‘talk it through’ with Martha, whilst joining alongside Mary in her weeping. He is the one we can go to with our questions and sadness. Pray we would continue to do this.
  • Sanyi has transferred his reading attentions from C.S. Lewis to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and is engulfed in his work with a view to preparing a lecture on his life. Pray for this to be personally edifying and helpful to others.
  • Praise God for an extended conversation over lunch with Sanyi’s dad about the Christian faith (see photo at the top of the page - birthday celebrations with Sanji's parents). Pray that he would be satisfied by responses to long-held objections relating to creation and that he would start to consider Jesus as seriously relevant to his life.
  • Prayer that we would be prayerful and enjoy the close relationship we have with our Father would be great.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Anna & Sanyi

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