June 2017

Dear praying friends,

Last time I wrote I was feeling rather discouraged and unmotivated. Thank you for praying; the Lord answered rather quickly! Over the Easter break I spent a few days with my good friends and co-workers in another city (the Sandells) and we were able to point each other to Jesus and his promises. I also had a wonderful time at a St Helen’s Bishopsgate ‘associates reunion’. I got to spend time with old friends who I trained with for gospel ministry and the rector of the church encouraged us to keep getting the Bible open with people because that is how God is building his Church - through his word and by his spirit.

Items for thanksgiving and Intercession

The IFES European Student Evangelism Conference: Great to hear how God is at work in the universities of Europe drawing people to himself. The Greek students enjoyed it.

An edifying reunion at St Helen’s Church Do pray I’d take every opportunity to point others to Jesus, in the Bible, and help them grow up in him, even though this kind of work feels unimpressive and weak.

Some encouraging first-contact evangelism at Athens University alongside a second year student (who’s discovered through IFES that she really enjoys and believes in first contact).

  • Pray God would give us students with soft hearts who’d be up for chatting further.

A seminar on bible-handling I got to give recently for 15 evangelical students in Ioannina (where there is no staff worker)

  • Pray they’d delight in getting to know Jesus better in his word and that next academic year they’d be willing to use IFES Greece bible study resources.

A handful of seekers at church on a Sunday morning and at the mid-week meeting. 

  • Please pray they’d move from death to life.

‘E’ agreed to read Mark’s gospel with me (a fourth year student who’s a seeker and the course mate of a boy at CU).

  • Pray she’d believe the gospel and repent!

Finally, praise God for the privilege of every Christian to be a gospel minister (in that we’re all called to speak gospel truths into the lives of both believers and non-believers). It’s astonishing that he wants to use us.

  • That said, do pray on regarding my tendency towards self-pity and grumbling…!

Thank you; the Lord does respond to your prayers in wonderful ways.

Alicia Burgess

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