March 2019

Welcome to the final Eady prayer letter from Bangkok! 

We came to Bangkok for three years and are finally returning home nearly seven years later! Older, more experienced, yes. Wiser…? Well you can judge on this latter point.

Bangkok has been an amazing experience for us and we thank you, our prayer partners, for sharing the journey with us. Coming here in our mid-50s, after an exclusively ‘English’ ministry, was like beginning all over again but with a little bit of knowledge under our belts. We have had a real sense of building the Kingdom of God here – Julie using her creative skills to work with Thai ladies and with asylum seekers and Tim through his regular work in the church. Perhaps our experience here is best summed up by our baptisms. 95% of the baptisms at Christ Church have been adults; the vast majority have been converts from other religions. It is exciting to see the Kingdom of God growing and to feel that in some small way we have been able to make a contribution to this.

Most of our members enjoyed the Christmas services
And the handbells came too... some traditions transcend culture

What will we miss about Thailand? Of course, we have had some terrific experiences; we have seen places that we never, ever, dreamed that we would visit. We have learned a lot about living in another culture and have had our perceptions of the world challenged. But undoubtedly, our biggest ‘miss’ will be people. Life in Christ Church is always on the move and, after six and a half years, we have been here longer than most of our members. We have met so many people from all over the world. We will miss the ministry amongst the Karen refugees – such lovely, gentle people who have been dealt a cruel hand and merit our support. We will miss the asylum seekers in Bangkok and will feel forever called to pray for the Christians in Pakistan. We will miss the warm and friendly Indonesians; the fun and bonhomie of the Nigerians and, of course, the warm gentleness of the Thais (not to mention the European/American/Antipodean cohort as well). It will be hard to say goodbye to our staff at Christ Church, who serve so faithfully. Truly, it has been a privilege to be here. It is exciting to see the Kingdom of God growing and to feel that in some small way we have been able to make a contribution to this.

Tom, our oldest church member celebrates his century

But nothing can last forever. It’s time to go home.

Baptism - at the 7.30am service in February! Don't think I'll be doing this in England!

What does the future hold? We don’t know. Please pray that we will be led to the right future. We finish after Easter and plan to do a bit of driving and family visiting in Australia. Then we hope to see a few more of our English friends over the summer.

So until we meet again - thank you for your fellowship!

For all that has been – thanks!

For all that shall be – yes!

With warmest greetings,

Tim and Julie

Prayer points

  • Us, as we consider our ‘post Bangkok’ future.
  • Christ Church Bangkok, as it looks for a new vicar and prepares for the future.
  • The Karen people and the political situation in Myanmar (Burma), that some lasting progress may be made.

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