Saul Shrestha

Saul is a BEST study partner at the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST).

Saul was brought up in a Hindu household but, when he was seven, his father and brother fell seriously ill. Saul’s mother prayed to the Hindu gods, consulted a local witchdoctor and employed modern medicine to try to heal them. Nothing worked until, feeling desperate, Saul's mother asked a local pastor to pray for them. They were both miraculously healed. After this, Saul’s mother turned to Christ and the family began attending church regularly. Saul accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour when he was 10. 

Saul studied Theology at Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC) and then studied for a Master’s in Divinity with the International Graduate School of Leadership in the  Philippines. In 2011, Saul began serving as minister at Bhaktapur Masihi Church, where he has served as pastor since 2018. Alongside this, Saul works as Dean of students and ministry co-ordinator at NEBC. Saul is now taking further studies with AGST to equip him for teaching new courses at NEBC, building the capacity of the college.


Saul is studying for a Masters in Ethics and Theology at AGST. His course runs from June 2019 until May 2021.




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