Rajendra Ghorasaine

Rajendra is a BEST study partner at the Asia Graduate School of Theology.

Rajendra was brought up in a Hindu family and was taught to worship thousands of different gods. Rajendra felt burdened by this and dreamed of getting away from the fear and religious practices. At age 17 Rajendra moved to Kathmandu, where he met a Christian who told him about Jesus. He was given a bible and found in it that Jesus died to set him free from religious bondage and fear. This was what Rajendra had been looking for and he accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. 

After becoming a Christian, Rajendra studied Theology at Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC). Rajendra now works at NEBC as dean of academics. He hopes to add to the teaching capacity of NEBC by being trained to teach bible exposition.


Rajendra is studying for a Masters in Biblical Exposition at the Asia Graduate School of Theology. His course runs from June 2019 until May 2021.




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