June 2019

Greetings! We do hope things are going well with you in what are generally unsettling times in many parts of the world.

In Singapore there are many challenges similar to other cultures, with rapid changes in society impacting traditional values and family life. Trying to find a good life balance amongst the demands of modern living is very hard in this fast and intense urban city nation. This all affects the church - attendance has levelled out over many years and decline is setting in. 

As a way of seeking to turn that around, churches have worked well together organising a nationwide evangelistic outreach called Celebration of Hope. This has just finished and included three days of meetings at the Singapore National Stadium and Sports Hub venues, with some of the events filling the stadium. The evangelist for the main English language events was J. John from the UK (Ineke and I were tasked to meet him and his wife at the stadium at each event) and he preached the gospel with his usual passion and humour. It was wonderful that many thousands responded to the message (see the photo of the Sunday morning rally response above). St Andrew's Cathedral was responsible for anchoring this Sunday morning rally, which was aimed at the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in the city. It was a wonderful celebration and a great honour to be involved in. We will be concentrating the rest of the year on nurturing and discipling new believers.

Another honour has been being involved in supervising and mentoring ordinand students at Trinity Theological College. It was a thrill to recently be at the graduation ceremony where two of them, Moses from Myanmar and Noom from Thailand, were awarded their degrees in theology (see photos).

We are looking forward to a trip to Bangkok in October, and part of that will be attending the ordination service at Christ Church during which the St Andrews Cathedral choir will serve in worship. We will then minister at Lat Krabang Anglican Church as part of developing the cathedral's support of the Anglican Church of Thailand.

As for our future, after over 13 years in overseas mission we feel it is time to draw this season of ministry to a close, so Peter's current main leadership responsibilities will finish at the end of the year. He will continue at the cathedral until March next year, completing such things as weddings (where he has been preparing couples) and transitioning leadership roles and mentoring relationships. Also in February and March he will be teaching the book of Ezekiel for the Diocesan Certificate of Biblical Studies course.

From that we will then be giving time to being with our sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren in Australia and the UK, which we look forward to very much. We will have more details on all of this in our next prayer letter but wanted to give the news now for your information and prayer.

Prayer points

  • Thanksgiving for the Celebration of Hope meetings and many new Christians
  • Development of discipleship courses and strategy across the cathedral
  • Transition of leadership before the end of the year
  • Our planning for a good closure of over 13 years of mission in SE Asia and nearly five of those in Singapore


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