North India Bible Training

North India Bible Training (NIBT) trains church leaders in north India to study, apply and teach God’s word effectively, so that they can train others.

The church in north India has grown rapidly in the last 10 years – over one million people have turned to Christ in a decade. The result of this is that thousands of small house churches have formed, each led by an independent, often untrained pastor. There is an urgent need to train up leaders for these churches, who can teach the Bible effectively and equip the new believers to live as Jesus’ disciples.

NIBT workshops and conferences are run throughout the region, led by a small number of Hindi-speaking trainers. These bible teachers train a group of ‘A’ trainers (50-100 people), who then teach ‘B’ trainers (600-1,000 people). All participants return to their home parishes equipped to pass on what they have learned to other leaders within their house church. This ‘multiplication’ model has already succeeded in furnishing many thousands of north India’s small churches with trained bible teachers, who can help their congregations understand God’s word.



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