Janet serves at The Centre, a ministry that reaches out to university students.

Janet is a retired music and RE teacher with TEFL training. She teaches English to students at The Centre and has many opportunities to share the gospel with them.

More than 35,000 students study in Chiang Mai and many need to learn English in order to get a job after they graduate. Most of the students who come to The Centre are Buddhist and so staff seek to establish good personal relationships with them so that they can share the good news of Jesus.  

The Centre runs regular social nights where someone will give their life-story (testimony) and hosts bible story-telling evenings. They organise English camps to reach more Thai students and so that staff and volunteers can spend quality time with students and share more about Jesus. 

Janet loves teaching English and building relationships with her students in and outside The Centre. She is very encouraged by the ways she sees God at work in her students’ lives and feels privileged to be a part of this work.



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