June 2019

We would like to thank each one of you for your prayers and support for E4L. Regular schools in Delhi and North India have summer vacations from 15 May to 30 June every year, because the weather gets extremely hot with the temperature rising up to 46-48 degrees. E4L centres also have summer vacation, but with Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) at the begnning of the holidays. This year we had VBSs at three locations. 

Location-1 , Dakshinpuri Centre

Main assembly at Dakshinpuri VBS

We had s VBS from 20 to 22 May at Dakshinpuri. It was attended by 202 children, who came from Dakshinpuri and Sangam Vihar.

The craft station at Dakshinpuri

We had 46 teachers, volunteers and helpers. The theme of VBS was ‘God in Control’  - God has control over death, nature and all circumstances. We had six VBS stations which the children had to visit:

Station 1 – Game. Station 2 – Story of Daniel in the lions’ den. Station 3 – Story of Jonah in the belly of a fish. Station 4 – Story of Jairus’ daughter. Station  5 – Refreshments. Station  6 - Good news station.

Telling bible stories

Many children were from non-believing families. More than half of them have accepted Jesus into their life. It was a highly subsidised VBS - we had to arrange finances from different sources. We praise God that we were able to share the Bible and Gospel with these children. 

Location-2 , E4L Devli centre

Playing games at Devli VBS

We had a second VBS and at another E4L location called Devli village. It ran from 23 to 25 May. It was attended by 82 children and there were 22 teachers, volunteers and helpers. The theme was the same. Only 33 children were able to pay their minimum registration fees.

Due to lack of enough space, we had to limit registrations. We had many kids from non-believing families. Many accepted Jesus into their lives through this VBS.

Location-3, E4L Mehrouli.

We had a third VBS at a E4L location called Mehrauli. It was from 23 to 25 May. It was attended by 27 children and there were many teachers, volunteers and helpers. The theme was the same. Only 14 children were able to pay their minimum registration fees. We do not have a church in this location so all the children were from non-believing families. 

Main assembly at Devli

We experienced the devil’s attack on the second day of the VBS: while one of our teachers was sharing the Gospel story, all of sudden one small boy’s nose started bleeding. While the teachers were taking care of that boy, in another room a girl of about 11 started vomiting blood and we had take her to the hospital. We called her mother who was at work. Her mother came very late and we payed all the hospital bills and handed over the girl to her mother.

Receiving certificates at Mehrauli VBS

On the third day of the VBS, the vehicle which was used to take all the teachers and volunteers to the venue was having problems. We prayed and the vehicle began working, yet we faced this problem repeatedly. It appeared like the devil didn’t want us to reach the venue. But at the end we were able to rejoice and give God the glory because many children accepted Jesus into their lives.

Praise God:

  • We were able to reach out to 311 children.
  • For the 74 teachers/volunteers who were involved to make the VBSs possible.
  • We were able to meet all the VBS expenses.

Prayers points:

  • Pray for the children who have accepted Jesus in their life.
  • Pray for the E4L children those who have gone to their native places for the summer vacation. Pray that they may abide by what they have learned.
  • Pray as E4L is planning to take new admissions for the coming year.
  • Pray that God may provide the financial support needed for this children ministry.