April 2021

Dear prayer partners and supporters,

We would like to thank you for your prayers and support for the E4L ministries.

From March 2020 until the end of the year we were not able to meet with the E4L children. In the initial months of lockdown we thought it would all be over within few months and we were not ready to run it online. But in May our teachers started contacting children through phone calls and discovered that many families had left Delhi because they don’t have jobs in Delhi. Those who stayed here were struggling for food. We started providing them with groceries and medicines. 

We made a WhatsApp group for the children from all four E4L centres and started sending them study lessons, but our teachers were not trained for preparing media lessons. We hired a person to do all the recording and editing of our study materials and trained our teachers to use multimedia.

After almost one year without lessons at our centres, we finally started calling children back to the centres earlier this year, because COVID-19 cases in Delhi had come down and the government had allowed schools to re-open. All four E4L centres started functioning but towards the end of March2021 COVID-19 cases started rising again and by the first week of April India had 152,000 positive cases in a single day. Delhi has 12,000 cases in a single day. The government announced a night curfew in Delhi and all schools, religious groups and social activities closed down again. We had to shut down all centres and churches. The children were crying when we said E4L would be closed for next the two months. They didn’t want to miss E4L.

All our teachers are coming to the centre to prepare video messages and we will send them through WhatsApp. 

Kindly keep praying for us 

  • Pray for the general situation of COVID-19 in India. Many people are dying and there is a lack of hospital facilities. People have started losing their jobs again. The government says this wave is more contagious .
  • Most of the E4L children live in slums and social distancing is not possible at all. Pray that God will protect them.
  • Pray for our teachers as they prepare all their lessons on video. Pray that they will have lots of creativity for the lessons. 
  • Pray for our teachers as they travel to the centre by public transport (public transport is not safe at all).
  • Pray for the funding we need to pay rent for our premises and salaries to the staff.
  • Pray for me and Sangeeta as we lead this ministry in this challenging time. 

Thank you praying for us.

Devender and Sangeeta

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