Education for Liberation

Education for Liberation (E4L) works in the slums of New Delhi to meet two urgent needs: the recognised need for education and the unrecognised need for the gospel.

By reaching out to the community through education, E4L serves in a way that local people can immediately understand, whilst also sharing the good news of Christ with them. They offer literacy and numeracy classes for children and literacy and sewing classes for women. The women and children hear from God’s word every time they attend the programme.

Across the four slums they work in, 137 children and 16 women attend E4L, 80% of which are from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds. Since this project began in 2008, many women and children have begun attending church and several have turned to Christ.

All E4L leaders and teachers are from the local church family and receive ongoing training in teaching the Bible. E4L also runs regular evangelistic events, weekly bible clubs and ladies’ prayer meetings.



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