Pastor training in Myanmar

Earlier this year, a Crosslinks School of Biblical Training took place in Myanmar. Men and women from across the country gathered together to learn skills for preaching and teaching the Bible. Here are some comments from those that attended:

"It’s a great encouragement to see students and participants so excited to learn and work very hard on the text. May God help us grow and learn together."

"It’s very encouraging to see everybody growing in their understanding of who God is through his word and also putting into practice what they’ve learnt."

"The teaching here helps us to study the Bible itself, without the help of a commentary.

"Only when I attended this training did I learn to read the Bible in detail - I have never done this before."

"I get very excited to see people discovering new things in the text that they haven’t discovered before, especially when they learn more about Jesus and what he’s doing."

"I used to preach without reading the Bible carefully, but after being here I’ve learnt to preach Scripture carefully and faithfully."

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