Miss Jocelyn Gordon (1923 – 2015)

Jocelyn Gordon, the daughter of an American clergyman, grew up in a Christian home in North Carolina, USA.

Having known Jesus as her Saviour from a young age, Jocelyn hoped to use her life to further God’s kingdom in India, Tibet or Myanmar.

Jocelyn first learnt about BCMS (now Crosslinks) through an article in the English Churchman, which she had found in a waste paper basket in a dentist's waiting room. Soon after this, she applied to BCMS for missionary service. Jocelyn was accepted as a BCM missionary in October 1949 and set sail for India in January 1950. She was just 26 years old at the time.

Initially, Jocelyn immersed herself in language study, longing to be able to go beyond ‘Salaam’ and ‘how many children do you have’ in her conversations with locals. Later, when she had gained fluency in the language, she faced the challenge of understanding ‘the mind of the people’. With this is mind, Jocelyn set out on all-day treks to mountain villages and held services in the local Bazaars.

In January 1952, Jocelyn reported exciting news of visiting the Rewa Native State. Prior to Indian independence, Christian workers had not been permitted entry into this state, and so the need for gospel proclamation was paramount. After camping out in the region for some time, Jocelyn later moved to live in Rewa.

For 25 years Jocelyn ministered to women and children in India, moving around the country to share the gospel in numerous isolated towns and villages. She was fearless in her work for the Lord, travelling on very basic roads through vast swathes of the Indian countryside, often without a driver. She retired from service in India in 1974 and returned to the USA with a southern American accent as strong as they day she left, a quarter of a century earlier.

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