January 2023


First of all, as a team we would like to say a massive thank you for signing up to support us with your prayers. We are SO excited to see how God is going to move this year and are very grateful to have your support alongside us.

At the beginning of December, we had our team orientation in Kent which was a great blessing. We really enjoyed getting to know each other better as well as talking about and praying through any fears we had for our trip. We feel so grateful for this week together as we grew in our friendships with each other and felt God’s provision over many of our preparations – including the provision of visas, which was an amazing answered prayer! During this week we also had the opportunity to have a Zoom call with John Robinson (Crosslinks mission partner) who is our host at The Place of Grace. Getting to know John better as well as hearing more about what we would be getting up to in Bangkok filled us with a lot of peace – we had many questions answered and the excitement of working with the Robinsons really began to set in. We are so thankful to God for this week of learning and growing together.

For the next five months, we will be staying in YWAM accommodation, which is close to The Place of Grace, where we will be working together with the Robinson family by getting involved in youth and children’s work. This could involve running after school clubs, teaching English, leading Bible stories, helping with admin and so much more. We are so excited to get to serve God in this way and to see all that he will do over the course of our stay.

As we begin to prepare for travelling on 19 January, it’s safe to say that as a team we are feeling a wide range of emotions! Leaving behind our families and friends for five months is definitely very daunting so prayers for both us and our families as we begin to say our goodbyes would be very appreciated. Please pray that we would know God’s peace above all else as we rely on him for our strength daily. As we set off on Thursday, please pray also for everyone’s safe travels from our homes all around the UK to Heathrow, and for a safe 12-hour flight to Bangkok.

From jetlag, humidity, heat and a new culture, our first few weeks will be filled with experiencing many new things. Finding a church where we can settle into quickly is very important to us. We can’t wait to worship God in a new church whilst also being regularly fed by his word and his people. Please pray that we would embrace life in Bangkok as we get to know our hosts John and Gillian better, as well as we settle into our accommodation. As life will look very different and we begin our work at the The Place of Grace, please pray for courage to get involved and to continue to step outside of what feels comfortable for God’s glory. 

For many of us, this will also be our first time living away from our homes and families, above all we want God to be our greatest reliance so that when things feel hard, we would know God’s presence in every aspect of our lives and that we would fall more in love with him every single day. Please pray that as a team we would bond and grow closer together as we begin to live together and adjust to how life will look for the next five months as we learn how we can support each other best.

Thank you for your prayer and support,

With love from Anastasia, Ella, Hannah and Sarah

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