Ramkumar Budhathoki

Ram is a BEST study partner at Asbury Theological Seminary, USA

Ram is from Kathmandu in Nepal and was brought up as a Hindu. As an adult, Ram considered himself an athiest. When working as a teacher in his twenties, Ram was invited to church by one of his students. Ram writes, 'I wanted to be nice to my host and so I repeated with him the sinner’s prayer to accept Christ, but it was not in my heart. I continued to go to church every week because of the friendly and loving behaviour of the people there. I started reading the Bible and listening to the sermon more carefully. Three months later I contracted a serious case of typhoid. I was alone in Kathmandu as my family lived in another part of Nepal. To my surprise, the church gave me wonderful care and made me think, “Why are these Christians so loving and caring? Is it because of God who loves them?” John 3:16 came to my heart and I realised that the God of these Christians forgives me and loves me also. I went down on my knees, repented and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Despite the challenges and oppositions from friends and relatives, I am following his steps and growing in his grace!'

In 1997, Ram began working at Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NIBC) as an administrator. In 2004, he studied for a Masters in Divinity in Singapore, following which he began teaching at NIBC. In 2012 Ram became the college's prinicpal. NIBC would like to add an MDiv course to its curriculum and so Ram is seeking to acquire the specialised knowledge needed to teach this. Mission Partner Neil Watkinson met Ram while conducting a Crosslinks School of Biblical Training and suggested that Ram applied to Crosslinks to enable him to further his qualifications. Neil writes, ‘Ram is a disciplined and responsible man who has impressed me with his humility and godliness and I know he is keen to study more.’

Ram is studying for a Masters in Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky, USA. His course runs from September 2017 until March 2019.


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