September 2018

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

It is always a joy to send this newsletter to you and to share what has been going on in the ministry of Prédica Fiel in the last few months, as well as what we have planned for the coming months.

As usual, we did not plan many things for Prédica Fiel inside Cuba for the summer, as is a very busy time for pastors and churches to run youth retreats, VBSs and other kinds of special events for people whilst they are on holiday. It’s not the best time to have events for working pastors - and it’s very hot! Instead, we focused on planning our work for the autumn and leading international workshops.

In partnership with the Charles Simeon Trust, I joined Robert S. Kinney to run two workshops on Biblical Exposition in the Dominican Republic. We were in Santo Domingo from 2-4 August to run a workshop on the Gospel of Mark and from 6-8 August we travelled to Santiago de los Caballeros (a city around two and a half hours from Santo Domingo) to run another workshop. It was our first workshop in Santiago. It was a fruitful time as we trained 110 pastors in the two locations. We are thankful to God and the CST for the opportunity Prédica Fiel has to partner in training pastors in Latin America.

In the autumn, we´ll be hosting a preaching workshop in Havana on Wisdom Literature from the book of Job, from 2-4 October. We have the biggest registration so far for a workshop in Havana: 64 pastors! We thank God that Prédica Fiel has been able to reach across different denominations and it is now more common to see pastors feeding their churches through expositional preaching. These pastors are now looking for opportunities to develop their skills.

We are also getting ready to start Havana Plan, our residential training course, where we train pastors, interns and local leaders on how to faithfully handle the Bible. It is encouraging to see how new people, mainly young pastors, are very interested and also recommending the course. We are very excited to start back up in the winter.

I also want to ask for your prayer regarding lot of opposition we are facing right now due to a growing dispute between Reformed and anti-Reformed camps in the Baptist Conventions. In many ways, and for many of our friends, and for us, this is a very hard time in Cuba. As the two sides move farther and farther apart, it is making it difficult for us to work with both sides as we have always done. We are facing all kinds of issues that are forcing us to look for new ways to advance the ministry of the Word in Cuba. Yet, we remain confident in our God alone, who always has accomplished his glorious purposes.

Personally, my wife is facing some health issues at this moment, so please keep us in your prayers.

With love and thankfulness,

Alexis Pérez Alfonso
Director de Ministerios