January 2022

We thank God that, in the second half of 2021, pandemic restrictions were eased in much of the world. We thank God that we were able to start doing in-person workshops again in Latin America.

The following is a summary of the year in figures (as always, the workshops outside of Cuba were in partnership with the Charles Simeon Trust):

  • Six in-person workshops (two in in Colombia, three in Mexico and one in Miami – pictured above).
  • One online workshop.
  • 288 people trained.

In Cuba, we have been looking forward to the New Year as restrictions are now starting to lift. We are planning to return to in-person workshops in the next few months. We hope to host three in the first quarter of the year and a couple more in the second quarter. We are looking forward to sharing with hundreds of pastors around the island again. Even though it is a difficult time in Cuba (as we deal with deep political, social, and economic crises which have led to the biggest inflation Cuba has seen in the last 60 years) we remain hopeful for what the Lord is doing.
As 2021 ended in the midst of very hard difficulties, we want to take this opportunity to thank God for his steadfast love towards our us. We also want to thank God for you and the support you have been giving throughout the years. Please keep praying for us and consider how else you might be able to support this work.

Prayer requests

  • For opportunities to be able to host the workshops that are scheduled in Cuba for next year.
  • For our local church as we continue trying to get official permission to meet as a church again.
  • For wisdom as we look at the future and ways that Prédica Fiel can be more effective. 

In his hands,

Alexis Pérez
Director of Ministries.

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