December 2020

What a year! I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year we will never forget! Our lives have been disrupted by a microscopic virus. And that’s not the only thing we have had to face during this year – many other things have happened, depending on what part of the planet you live in.

We are all now starting to think about what a ‘new normal’ will look like and that’s exactly what we want to communicate to you about – what our ministry at Prédica Fiel will look like as we move forward!

What have been the challenges for Prédica Fiel this year?

By God’s grace, we were able to run two pastor workshops and an instructor gathering in the first third of the year. We did two workshops in February, one for women and one for men. We also had the opportunity to train our instructors, old and new, during the third week of March (with a guest trainer from Europe) just as the world was locking down. But after that we had to cancel the remaining workshops as Cuba experienced a complete lockdown for seven months. Trips inside the island were banned. Churches had to shut down meetings. The borders were closed for six months. Food and fuel became very scarce. We had to adapt to a very limited and very local ministry during that time.

What have been the opportunities?

Online workshop on Joel

Well, as we learned how to get into the online world, opportunities arrived. We have been able to participate in two online workshops this season, in partnership with the Charles Simeon Trust. Even though it is not the same experience as an in-person workshop, it worked! Though, we are looking forward to the day when we can actually meet together in a room again. These online workshops have given us the opportunity to reach new people from more countries and with different backgrounds. Many of the pastors who have participated have been making progress quickly as they have been able to participate in two or three workshops in a short period of time.

Alexis preaching the Chicago course

We also had the opportunity to start an online training course. We did a pilot project with eight pastors from five different countries from Latin America: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, México and the United States (Houston). We met once each week for three hours for ten weeks. This training gives us the opportunity to do something we would never have been able to do otherwise! The majority of the pastors had never before been exposed to expositional preaching. We praise God for this new opportunity of training in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking community in the US.

What will the ‘new normal’ look like? And how can you pray? 

We are really excited for what is coming and the new opportunities we are handling now:

  1. We are thinking about developing additional online training courses on preaching for Latin American and Spanish-speaking pastors in the US. As we received good feedback from the participants of the pilot training we had, this seems like a good investment. They encouraged us to do something more formal. 
  2. For next year, we are encouraging ten pastors to put in place their own training cohorts using resources that the Charles Simeon Trust offers for free. These cohorts will be used in their local churches for training their people. We already have the courses offline and we will meet the pastors in January for a day of training and talking about how to implement the courses.
  3. We are scheduling three in-person workshops in February, one for women and one for men in La Habana, and another for men in Santa Clara. As we see how that goes, we will look for opportunities of hosting more in-person workshops in Cuba during the rest of the year.
  4. We’ll be teaching a class on preaching to students from a seminary in Cuba. That will take place the first week of February.

 Thanks very much for being part of what God is doing through Prédica Fiel in the Spanish-speaking world. We are so thankful to God and to you for your support. Please continue praying for us as we navigate uncertain waters. We need a lot of wisdom and support to accomplish what God is allowing us to do.
In the love of Jesus,
Alexis Pérez