Prédica Fiel (Equipo Impacto)

Equipping the few, impacting the many.

Since the 1990s Cuba has experienced huge gospel growth. However, the political situation has meant that churches are limited by size and venue constraints and so lots of small house churches have sprung up. Many of these are pastored by men who haven’t had any training in how to teach the Bible. Two thirds of those teaching the Bible on a regular basis have received no training - that is around 4,000 churches.

Prédica Fiel (previously Equipo Impacto) has a vision to train thousands of church leaders and bible teachers how to faithfully interpret and teach the Bible in Cuba. Prédica Fiel translates as Faithful Preaching. Before this project began, there was no one teaching others how to do expository bible preaching and teaching in the country.

Prédica Fiel offers churches the opportunity to have a three day training course in expository bible preaching and teaching for their leaders. It is headed up by Alexis Pérez - a local Cuban church leader who has a degree in Theology and studied on the Cornhill Training Course a few years ago. Alexis travels around the country to deliver courses to churches and also spends time preaching in order to model the form of simple, clear and faithful bible teaching that Prédica Fiel is seeking to teach to others. Five times a year Prédica Fiel runs Pastor Preaching Conferences as another way of training bible teachers.



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