Pablo Madrid Aguilera

Pablo is a BEST study partner at the Centre for Pastoral Studies, Santiago.

Pablo has been attending Iglesia Las Buenas Nuevas (Good News Church) all his life but it has not had a full-time pastor for several years. Since 2016 Pablo has served as youth leader at the church, whilst working in a secular job. He has now been encouraged to train to become a full-time pastor for the church, filling the longstanding vacancy. 

Cristóbal Ceron, Rector of the Centre for Pastoral Studies, writes, ‘Pablo has a love for the word and for the church and is willing to go back to serve in his own context for the sake of the gospel. He is a humble and teachable man and his church is working hard to raise the funds to have him back as pastor when he finishes his studies.’ However, as a relatively poor congregation, Iglesia Las Buenas Nuevas are unable to cover the full cost of Pablo's studies. 


Pablo is studying for a BA in Theology at the Centre for Pastoral Studies. His course runs from January 2020 until December 2022 and he needs £2,200 per year.




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