July 2019

This will be our last prayer letter sent from the UK. Everything seems very, very close now!

We have our last service at St Ebbe’s on 14 July, our worldly possesions get shipped on 18 July and we fly to Chile on 15 August. This prayer letter is an update and mainly a plea for you to thank God with us for his kindness as we prepare to move.

What has happened since our last letter?

We have had a number of visitors from our church family in Chile pop by! Pictured left is one of our Chilean visitors, Christian Concha, the pastor of Iglesia Providencia.

We have had good times away with our families, saying goodbye - for now! (pictured right)

We have also had great fun getting to know our partner churches better at weekends away, during Sunday services and at prayer meetings.

Serious business happening at Crossway Stratford church weekend

We feel very supported by our partner churches and by YOU – whoever you are reading this prayer letter! Over a year ago I dreaded the thought of fundraising, but it has been a wonderful spiritual exercise. We are nearly fully funded and we praise God for that and pray for the last 14% to come in.

What now?

Until July 14 I am busy finshing off things at St Ebbe’s and setting things up so my replacement will have a smooth transition. We currently have two free evenings until we leave! We are also busy clearing out our house from 12 years’ life here. We are away for five days with Crosslinks for our orientation training week. Please pray for Eva and Judah who are being looked after by Helen’s dad and aunt in Oxford during this.

Between 14 July and 15 August?

Eva and Judah will finish school, we will be comissioned by all our partner churches and say goodbye to family. Sorry that, timewise, we can’t visit you all, but please know that we love you and can’t do this without your support.

Thank God with us for…

  • All the above - PLUS – we have housing sorted, places in schools for the kids (for March), pre-made friends in Santiago for us and the children.

Please pray for…

  • VISA – It is currently being processed by the Chilean Embassy.
  • Goodbyes – we are finding it more emotional than we thought. For Eva and Judah in what must be a very surreal time for them as they prepare to leave.
  • Language – for the gift of tongues as we start lessons after 10 days of settling in and are finalising our places in language school this week.
  • Evangelism – I am excited with the obvious opportunities language school will give us with the staff and students.
  • Shipping – to arrive and not be held up in port.

Thank you for you love, prayers and partnership. We couldn’t do this without you.


Matt, Helen, Eva and Judah Pope

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