November 2020

‘O Israel put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love’ Psalm 130:7

On Sunday 25 October Chile held a referendum to decide whether or not to create a new constitution. It was a historic day in which an overwhelming majority of Chileans voted to begin this process. For many it was a decision that brought great hope and expectancy. For others it was a decision that created much fear and uncertainty.  

That Sunday I had the chance to preach on Psalm 130. This Psalm calls us to set our sights on the Lord Jesus and place our hope in him. It reminds us that whatever else may be unfolding around us, it is in Jesus and only in Jesus that our true salvation is found. Thank you for joining us as we pray for our ministry here in Chile. We long that more Chileans might know the hope and unfailing love that God offers to us in Jesus. 

Life at CEP 

The studio for preaching online!

These next few weeks are a time of endings and new beginnings at CEP. Classes come to an end for this academic year in November and will be followed by an exam week at the start of December. Please pray for the students as they finish off what has been an unusual and unsettling year. As this academic year draws to a close please pray that the students would not just be working hard to finish their essays and exams but that they would also be attentive to the ways in which the Lord has been working in their hearts during this challenging time.  

This is not only a time of endings but also of beginnings. The process of application for new students next year is in full swing and we are thankful to have more students applying than we have had over the past few years. Please pray that those who have begun this process of application would be able to come to CEP when the new term begins at the end of February. It is a tricky time to think about raising funds and (in many cases) moving to a new house but we pray that the Lord would be raising up new leaders who might call more people to hear and live for the hope that is proclaimed in Psalm 130.  

Life at home

Life at home is also marked by endings and new beginnings. Please pray on for Mary and the kids as they move into the final stretch of the school year at home. Give thanks that the strict lockdown was lifted at the start of (our) spring and as we move into the summer it is wonderful to be able to go out, meet with people, get exercise and generally have a change of scene.  

We will be needing to move to a new house in December as our landlord needs to sell his flat. Give thanks with us that we have already found a new flat nearby and please pray for us as the process of moving gets going in December. 

We are also thankful for the ways in which many aspects of church life have been able to continue ‘virtually.’ Mary has been able to keep meeting with a number of women from the church to study the Bible and she organises a monthly meeting for all the women in the church. Our church was even featured on the website of a news organisation in the middle of October. And instead of the normal 90 or so connected there were points at which our service had more than 50,000 viewers! We know how brief and superficial online connections can be – but we also know that Jesus’ words are powerful and we pray that he would be at work each Sunday to call people to himself.   

Church life however is still a long way from getting back to normal. Many protestant churches here in Chile do not have their own buildings and as a result they are very dependent on the policies of the organisations whose facilities they use. Please pray for wisdom and creativity for our pastor Juan Esteban as he seeks not only to care for the church family but also to help us reach out to the community around us with the love of Jesus that they so deeply need.  

Prayer Points 

  • Please pray for peace and unity in Chile after the referendum. Please especially pray that this grace and love would especially be evident amongst Christians who may have very different and very strongly held views. 
  • Please pray that the current students at CEP would have the stamina and energy they need as the academic year comes to a close.
  • Please pray for the application process for 2021. Please pray that the Lord would raise up a new generation of faithful and loving Christian leaders – and that finances would not keep anyone from being able to come to CEP 
  • Please pray for the online conference hosted by CEP on 24 – 26 November on the theme of cultivating a ministry of ‘sustainable sacrifice’.
  • Give thanks for how encouraged we feel as a family and pray that we might continue to grow in our love for one another and together in our love for Jesus.  

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