July 2021

‘You know with all your heart that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.’ Joshua 23: 14

Over the past few months our church here in Chile has been reflecting together on the book of Joshua. As we look back over all that we have seen of God’s goodness to his people in the book of Joshua we have been reminded time and time again of the faithfulness of God to his people today in Jesus.  

Thank you so much for your prayers for us and encouragement of us over these past few months. Amidst so much uncertainty in the world at the moment it is so precious to be able to entrust ourselves to the one whose promises never fail. 

Life at CEP 

The first semester came to a close at CEP in the middle of July. We continue to give thanks for the way that our ministry has been able to continue despite not having been able to be together in person. Please continue to pray for the students as they look ahead to another semester of online learning. Please pray that the Lord would take these unusual times and use them to shape their hearts to be ever more humble, trusting and confident in him. 

This next semester marks a big transition amongst the staff at CEP. The other missionaries involved with the teaching at CEP have all returned to their sending countries. This means that Luke will be the only full-time member of staff.

In the short term, we are very thankful for the way in which the Lord has provided pastors to step in and cover many of the subjects that we had planned for next term. Please pray for Luke as he takes on more subjects and continues to coordinate the teaching programme. 

In the long term, this time of transition points to the need for CEP to have more local leadership. A few years ago, a pastor here in Santiago stepped in to serve part time as principal. We would love for the Lord to provide one or two Chileans who might be able to join him on staff.  

The board of CEP have decided to restructure the curriculum that we offer. Please pray all of those involved in this important process. Please pray especially for clarity, wisdom and grace as we work through the best steps forward.  

Life at home  

School in a time of COVID

The past few months have involved a certain amount of bouncing between restrictions. The children have coped well with the changes. For about half of the term the children have been able to go into school for two mornings a week. While the vaccination process has gone well here in Chile, things feel delicately poised, especially with the emergence of new strains. Please pray on that we might be able to move more definitively to a new stage of the pandemic here in Chile.  

Life at church has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. We have not met in person for a year and a half. We are thankful for the way ministries have continued online but are conscious of the (often hidden) cost of not meeting in person. Please pray for the leadership of the church as we look to how best to care for the church at this time and how to prepare well so as to be ready when the restrictions are eased.  

We have been encouraged by our home group that continues to grow and the chance to be reading the Bible with folk over the phone and (at times) in person. One particular encouragement has been the time that Mary has been spending with Caro, who joined the staff team at church in March. Caro is working part-time for the church and part-time for an organisation that coordinates ‘mercy ministries’ for the Anglican Church. Caro has been learning lots over the past few months and has in turn been able to care for others. Please pray for her – and pray that the Lord might raise up more like her to help care for his people and reach out to those around us.  

We are also thankful for the fact that an easing of restrictions has made it possible for us to take some time by the beach over the winter break. It will be wonderful to have some time out of the city and enjoy the fresh – if bracing – air of the sea-side! 

Prayer points 

  • Please give thanks for the provision of part-time teachers for next term.
  • Please pray that the Lord will raise up Chileans who might be able to join the team full-time. 
  • Please pray that the church family might be able to meet in person soon.
  • Give the thanks for time away at the coast for the family.

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