November 2018

Dear Friends,

Praise God! Our family rejoices when we think of how many friends in the gospel we have around the world! Only God knows how grateful we are for having the possibility to count with so many prayer partners and people that have been willing to support our ministry all of these years. As another year ends, we have SO many reasons to thank God and celebrate his faithfulness.


Some of you know that it hasn´t been easy for our girls to get used to the Public School they are at, especially in the area of relationships. Nonetheless, we see them happy at home and growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus. They have come to value the “Christian life” in comparison to what they see everywhere else and we know the Lord is strengthening them as they face difficulties according to their respective ages. 

Ale and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage on 29 November! We are grateful to God that he has given us the possibility to be together serving his Kingdom.


As I told you at the beginning of this year, I was asked to be the Principal of our Bible College. This meant that I had to reduce my time as a Pastor in the church and split my schedule in two: half time pastor, half time Rector. The result of this mixture? PRECTOR! (Or something like that!) Anyway… as you can imagine, this brought new responsibilities and challenges, especially because a Bible College is key for the health of a denomination as it has to deal with the training of their future gospel ministers. 

The reason why I mention this under “ISA” is because my pastoral team had to take more responsibilities in order to assume the ones that I had to give away in order to run the College. Praise God! My pastoral team has been a blessing and Max, Fresia, Franz and Juan have been a tremendous help in different circumstances. I´m excited to tell you that our church is beginning to think of a new church plant in the university district. 


Another exciting thing is that our church - yes, our church! - is preparing for its first short-term mission trip to India. We are raising support in order to send at least 13 people to help a Chilean missionary that has been serving there for more than 10 years. We think it is time that the Chilean Church becomes involved in cross-cultural mission and so we are praying and receiving training so that in January 2019, I (Cris) will take a team to India. If you want to be part of this project please let me know at (I’ll give you all the information needed!). 


The College year has almost ended. The students are preparing for their last exams and we are praying and preparing ourselves for the new generation of students that will come in 2019. I praise God for the tremendous help that I have received from the staff at our College, they have been so kind and helpful as I come to lead the Seminary with no experience before. 


As some of you may know, Ale and I have been involved in quite a number of different activities that aim to encourage the local church to do evangelism and discipleship. Ale has been involved in running a women’s conference called LAEL which this year gathered at least 250 people to receive God´s word and to be encouraged to serve the cause of the gospel. 

Ale has also been part of Parakaleo, a ministry that aims to walk alongside women that are in gospel ministry with their husbands. She has so loved this because God has been strengthening her with the gospel as she has to prepare and teach others. Ale also had the opportunity to receive special training from the Gospel Coalition the US, which was related to training women from Latin America in how to teach and preach the Bible. 

From my side, our ministry with young people is flourishing by the grace of God. The Semillero (SEEDBED) celebrated another graduation and about 80 people finished their training in order to become effective disciple makers in their university contexts. The evangelism city outreach called MOU is growing and next year another city will be part of the movement. We pray that at least 700 young people will go onto the streets throughout 2019 to preach Christ as Lord and Saviour. Finally, there is also a new possibility of evangelism in the universities called “THE PUSH”. Many Christian organisations will come together to preach the gospel for a whole week in one particular campus. This has been happening for over two years and we pray that next year will be a very fruitful one in terms of gospel missions to students also. 

We have to praise the Lord for all of this, along all this year of service HE has raised a new generation of young leaders that are willing to take the responsibility to lead all these new projects and they are doing it with love and joy. They are SUCH an answer to my prayers and your prayers! We have been praying that God may raise a new generation of gospel workers and HE IS DOING IT in front of our very eyes. Alleluia! 


  • Pray for the health and joy of our family. This year I (Cris) was affected with stress and had to go under some medication. Some of you may know that my mother has a very serious illness. This and other responsibilities probably affected my body and strength. I´m feeling better now, but please pray that as the year finishes, we may have a good time for resting before my trip to India. Pray that our girls may keep growing in the knowledge of our Lord. 
  • Pray for God´s provision and protection for our short-term mission to India. It´s our first time and it´s a huge responsibility. We are still lacking finances and we need some miracles in this regard. Pray that we may be of good help to those serving in such difficult contexts. Pray that we may bring joy and encouragement to those whore are full-timers. 
  • Please pray for the Anglican Church in Chile. There are some important changes happening in our country particularly since we became a Province. Please pray that all these new changes will be for the benefit of the extension of the Kingdom of God. 
  • Please pray for the strength and joy of the teams that work with me at the church and at CEP. Pray that God may renew their joy in him as they serve in their diverse responsibilities.
  • Please pray that all the ministries we are involved in may serve to the purpose of raising a new generation that love God and the proclamation of his gospel. This is our main purpose in life and we, as a family, long to see how his kingdom grows in Chile and Latin America.