Let me tell you about Diego

Jamie Read

Let me tell you about Diego.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was about to leave the building. Bishops’ speeches were drawing to a close. As the coffee was served, I could finally relax and get to know some of the guests at the Inauguration of the Province of Chile, at the beginning of November.

Whilst some guests loitered in hope of a ‘selfie with Welby’, I was engrossed in conversation with Diego. Meeting a study partner, who knew and appreciated Crosslinks, was just thrilling.

‘This is Diego’ said Luke, our Crosslinks mission partner, as he introduced me. ‘Diego is a top student at CEP[1] and has also written a book. Oh, and he’s the Study Partner I was telling you about!’ 

Diego started at the seminary in 2014. In January 2019 he will join the leadership of Cristo Redentor taking responsibility for another church that is struggling to grow. Whilst studying at CEP, he wrote a book about Allen Gardiner, one of the first Anglican missionaries to Chile. Gardiner died in the icy southern islands of Chile as he sought to bring the gospel to indigenous peoples of that region. He remains an inspiration to this day.

Diego shared, ‘It was amazing to re-discover the story of Commander Allen Gardiner and how his missionary passion gave birth to what we now know as South American Anglicanism. Studying the Gospel of Luke and then the convictions that led Allen Gardiner to give his life serving Christ for our benefit is a great challenge to anyone misled to think that following Jesus and living a normal worldly life is compatible.’

Our prayer is that there would be more men and women trained in their own context like Diego, who can then, like Gardiner, willingly give themselves sacrificially to serve the gospel of Christ.

You can imagine the impact: the prayers and financial gifts of those in Britain and Ireland directly enabling 50 such men and women like Diego. God is building his church around the world through locally trained leaders and you can have a hand in that.

As we approach the Crosslinks centenary in 2022 our vision is to be supporting 100 students each year through studies in their own context. This requires more Christians in Britain and Ireland to get behind one of these men and women. Could you support a Crosslinks study partner by praying for and giving towards their studies? Email us today to get involved.

[1] Centre for Pastoral Studies, Santiago, Chile.

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Jamie Read

Jamie was Director of Misison Partnerships at Crosslinks from 2016 – 2021. Before this, he was a Crosslinks mission partner in South Africa and worked in local parish ministry in the UK. Jamie now works with St Nicholas Church in Sevenoaks.