Why cry for Argentina?

Greg Venables, Bishop of Argentina, recently warned that, ‘The battle of the Christian faith is the battle over God’s word.’  

He is right; if we lose a right understanding of Scripture the Christian faith will be jeopardised. The Bible is essential in the training of leaders and we aim to put this into practice in Argentina.

For all matters of salvation, the Bible is our ultimate authority. The 18th Century Anglican church leader Richard Hooker defended and clarified the Reformed doctrine of the ultimate authority of Scripture in the face of vociferous opposition. He contended that nothing is as sure as that which the Scripture of God teaches, because the Bible is where God speaks what he sees. There can be no greater authority than that.

It is thus essential that we preach salvation based on God’s word and train future leaders to do likewise. We must entrust the gospel, ‘to reliable people who are qualified to teach others,’ that the world may hear its glorious truths (2 Timothy 2:2). If church leaders cannot teach Scripture faithfully, the very salvation they proclaim will be compromised.

Like every nation, Argentina needs the gospel. The Anglican Church of Argentina strives to bring God’s word to the nation and has invited our family to serve in pastoral ministry with a view to leadership development. I have been placed as assistant minister in a revitalised church in southern Buenos Aires (Holy Trinity, Lomas de Zamora). It is our heartfelt prayer that the gospel will be preached and young leaders identified and equipped, at both the local and national level. In the years to come, may the wonders of salvation indeed be proclaimed and believed upon by many in Argentina, for the glory of God.

Written by Andrew Walker

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