August 2022

‘Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.’ Proverbs 13:20

After a two year stretch with almost no visitors at all, it is all change in casa Walker! We are currently living through some kind of hostel/commune experience, having received people from Brazil, Chile, England and three provinces in Argentina in the last few weeks! We currently have Beth and Jacob (above, along with Alex and Vero, Emilio's godparents), a Crosslinks short-term couple staying with us until August. So it’s definitely more hectic, but we feel a lot more encouraged than this time last year! We’ve especially appreciated thinking through different aspects of life and ministry in the deeper way that comes from chats with mature Christians. The children have also really enjoyed all the visitors, but especially the introduction of a new and wondrous game, named Swangball (video available on request).

Easter round up
Thank you so much for your prayers for our Easter invitation services! We joined up with another evangelical church for Good Friday with a bountiful tea afterwards. Both church groups were encouraged (and pleasantly surprised) by the meeting and we hope to do something similar in the future. Gospel partnership between churches is something we would love to see growing.

Our invitation services for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday were also a real joy. People invited, invitations were accepted and the gospel was proclaimed. We would love to be able to say that some of those invited have continued to come to church… but alas they haven’t. Who said ministry was easy?! So we pray on for our next invitation service in August for the 19th anniversary of the church building.

Four weddings and a Funeral
Our apprentice, Tore, was married to Emilia in a beautiful, but cold, outdoor ceremony in June. Noah utterly failed in his task as ring bearer, but everyone loved him anyway (a small picture of gospel grace right there!) and his big sister did a great job of stepping in for him. After a short honeymoon, our newlyweds returned and have been serving wonderfully in multiple areas of church life. We’re trying not to think too much about the fact they’ll be leaving to study at CEP, the Bible college in Chile, in a few months! Meanwhile, we’ve just started a marriage prep course with Melanie and Dario, for our fourth Mendozan wedding in October.

Sadly, one of our lovely grannies from church, Sylvia, who was also our landlady, died a couple of weeks ago. We had a thanksgiving service for her life, rejoicing in the fact she trusted in Jesus. Family members and friends came, so we pray on for them, that this would spur them into considering the claims of Jesus more seriously and the hope he offers.


Youth camp Los Cocos
After a two year pause, we hope to kick start our youth camp again next February. The pandemic has played havoc with the various youth groups in Buenos Aires and we’re not really sure how many will actually sign up. The leaders have decided that even if there are only a handful of people who’d like to come, it’s worth doing. We see it as a good training opportunity for the leaders, but we pray that in these next few months the momentum would build.

Prayer and praise

  • Pray with us as we continue the theme of ‘La Poderosa Palabra’ (The Powerful Word) in our church services, looking at Mark 4-7. Pray especially for a deeper grasp of the importance of repentance and faith.
  • Andrew is currently marking a pile of exams and essays from his course on Wisdom Literature at CEP (Bible college in Chile). Pray for perseverance as he works his way through!
  • Please pray for Jacob and Beth as they think through possibilities for long term mission.
  • Jony and Jenny Bertín continue to grapple with visas, due to changes in the Chilean law. They’ll be staying with us in August to try and apply for a visa from Argentina. Please pray for a swift resolution and for patience in the meantime.
  • Thank you for praying for our school concerns. We’re thankful that we were able to change Emilio and Lucy to (slightly more organised) morning classes in the same state school. They’ve had a change of classmates, but many of the teachers are the same. After a lot of thought and prayer, Maia has moved to a private school where she could stay on for secondary level too. Both the schools are Spanish speaking. We continue to do a type of English home-schooling in the afternoons. Please pray we would be watchful and prayerful about their schooling while putting our worries firmly in the Lord’s hands.

Home for Christmas!
Our dates have now been confirmed for our UK visit. We’ll be back for a few weeks from 2 December 2022 until 25 January 2023. Here are our Sunday church visits:
4: St Ebbes, Oxford
11: Emmanuel, Nottingham
18: Three Bridges Free Church, Crawley
25: Christmas Day in Cornwall!

1: St Pancras, Plymouth
8: St John’s, Whitehaven
15: Christ Church, Liverpool (plus mission prayer in the afternoon)
22: St Luke’s, West Hampstead
(St Luke’s, Bricket Wood mid-week date tbc)

With much love and many thanks for you all as you partner with us,

Andrew, Bethanie, Maia, Emilio, Lucy and Noah

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