Zerida Kasyome

Zelida is a BEST study partner at St John’s University of Tanzania.

Zelida is a trained nursery school teacher, having previously taught at a primary school in her home town of Morogoro. However, since she became a Christian, she has wanted to work in the Church and help others come to know and follow Christ.  From 2011 to 2012, Zelida studied for a Diploma in Theology at Morogoro Bible College. Following this, Zelida worked as a catechist and evangelist for a local church plant in Morogoro Diocese. Since joining the church plant, Zelida has seen the church grow from just five members to over 50. To equip her further for her role in the church, Zelida is taking further theological studies at St John’s University of Tanzania. She writes, 'I am doing this course in order to have knowledge for doing God’s ministry as an evangelist. I will be able to help the women and girls to themselves be workers in God’s ministry – as many of them think that this work is just for men.'


Zelida is studying for a Batchelor of Theology at St John’s University, following which she will continue her work as a church evangelist and use the training she receives at St John’s University to train others. She began her studies in September 2016 and needs £2,722 per academic year until the end of August 2019.




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