Wilma Chipurupuru

Wilma is a BEST study partner at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wilma is from Zimbabwe and grew up going to church, but she always thought that being a Christian meant attending church meetings and following the law. When she moved to South Africa to study at university, a friend invited her to church. There she heard the gospel for the first time. She discovered that the law is fulfilled in Christ and that it is by grace that God makes us his children – not what we do. God opened her eyes and she turned to Christ as Lord and saviour. Wilma writes, ‘The desires of my heart changed from wanting to build my own empire to grieving for the souls of those in Zimbabwe who are still convinced that they are Christians, yet they are not.’

Wilma is keen to return to Zimbabwe to serve the Church there. She hopes to be involved in women’s discipleship and student ministry.

Wilma is studying the three year Bachelor of Theology course at George Whitefield College, from January 2020. She needs £2,700 per academic year until the end of November 2022 to complete her studies.




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