Wilko Olles

Wilko is a BEST study partner at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wilko is Namibian and became a Christian at a Christian summer camp when he was 15. After completing high school, Wilko studied for a Theology degree in Namibia, following which he worked as a missionary in Christian hostels in Amsterdam and Edinburgh and then for Youth for Christ in Germany. 

It is now Wilko's ambition to teach the next generation of pastors. He is aware of the huge need for pastors to be trained in Namibia, and the scarcity of Namibian Christians who are able to train others for ministry. He moved to Cape Town in January 2019 in order to complete his honours degree at George Whitefield College and to study for a Masters in Theology from January 2020. Without a Masters, Wilko will not be able to lecture at an accredited theological college.

Wilko is studying the two-year Master's of Theology course at George Whitefield College, from January 2020. He needs £2,540 per academic year until the end of November 2021 to complete his studies.




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