TransformD Discipleship Programme

TransformD is a gap year programme in Kenya, set up in 2017 by Gerald and Louise Mwangi.

The aim of TransformD is to disciple, mentor and equip young people for Christian life and ministry in whatever career path they take. Participants spend lots of time studying the Bible and learning how to understand it for themselves, as well as being mentored by older Christians and taught useful life skills. During the six months, the participants also take part in a cross cultural mission trip. 

The name TransformD stems from the five ways that the programme hopes to transform young people: devotion to the word, disciples of Christ, disciplined in following Christ, dependable in Christian ministry and deployable to do good works among others.

One recent participant said, 'The main lesson from TransformD has been learning how to measure everything against the Bible. I have come to appreciate the fact that the entire bible is about Jesus . I have acquired new skills, got into a bible study routine and learned how to do personal devotions. I have overcome the tendency to be on my phone a lot and have learned how to socialise and make new friends. The Samburu mission trip was a real eye-opener to what mission is all about. I had known that there are communities that do not have the Bible in their local language but I got to see it first hand and I now treasure my bible more.'



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