Simon Habil Singano

Simon is a study partner at Uganda Christian University.

For the past 12 years, Simon has been a parish priest in the Anglican Diocese of Tanga. Alongside pastoring his congregation, Simon teaches at the diocese’s theological college, St Barnabas. The college would like to offer higher level courses to students, so that they don't have to leave the diocese to do so.

Simon is studying at Uganda Christian University to equip him for his teaching ministry at St Barnabas. He writes,‘We have so many young priests in our churches and I see this as an opportunity for me to help them. This is an age of folly and false prophets and I hope to influence them so that their work and their whole lives are for God.’

Simon is studying for a Masters in Theology at Uganda Christian University from May 2021 – April 2023. He needs £2,700 per academic year to complete his studies.



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