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Servants of the Word is a bible school in The Gambia. Its goal is to serve the Church in The Gambia and West Africa by helping current and prospective bible teachers understand the Bible and teach it faithfully.

Servants of the Word was founded in 2012 as a part-time course. The opening of a purpose-built campus in September 2019 means that it can now run a one-year full-time residential course.

One of the key challenges to gospel ministers in The Gambia is the cost of appropriate training. This involves both giving up paid employment for a year and the cost of paying for the training itself. This year there are eight students, each of whom require £900 to study at the school until June 2020. This fee covers all tuition, accommodation and food for nine months of study. The students contribute as much as they are able but, given the widespread poverty in West Africa, most require help to cover the majority of this cost.

Support a student at Servants of the Word by using the giving box on this page. 

Any gift - small or large - is welcome and will go a long way in helping a student raise the required amount. £900 covers one student for the whole year, £300 for one term, £100 one month and £25 one week. 

Pictured above are the eight students in this year's class.




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