September 2022

It’s been a busy and stressful time here recently, and there are lots of power cuts again. Sadly, an 11 year old boy from the church was shot dead while he was visiting his father. His father, a gang leader, was also shot dead. It has shaken the church up and also the whole community. It has certainly been a wakeup call that we just don’t know how long we have to live and so telling people about Jesus must be a priority.

Sewing group
There have been lots of developments with the sewing group. Two of the ladies have started making and selling lots of items. Their main item is gowns (see left photo). It is exciting to see them start up this venture and use the skills I have equipped them with to make something more of themselves. In the Bible studies, we are currently doing a Bible overview. It has been a joy to see their eyes opening to how the Bible fits together as a whole. Sadly, one of my ladies is moving away to start a job elsewhere. She is sad to be leaving the sewing group and the community she has found in it, but also excited about the better opportunities and lifestyle she can have outside of the township. She told me it will be nice not to get to the end of each day and worry about finding food to feed herself and her child. Life in the township is so hard for everyone and I am happy she can have a better quality of life elsewhere.

Fun on a hike with families from the township

I am continuing the monthly hiking group for the teenagers. The boy who recently died was a part of it and I am happy he was able to get out of the township and see some of God’s creation and hear the good news of Christ through the Bible story I read. I also did a hike for some families from the township and got some other Christian families along to facilitate some Christian fellowship. It was a joy to see the children and adults from different backgrounds connect together.

Serving in Mission (SIM)
I had a fruitful chat with SIM in Cape Town and they are really keen for me to use my counselling skills in my work with them. I am excited about how I can use my skills as I transition over to SIM for God’s glory. I am compiling a mailing list for when I transition over to SIM. From January, I will be distributing prayer letters through Mailchimp. Please email me on and let me know if you would like to continue receiving my prayer letters. If I don’t hear from you then I will assume you no longer want to receive them.

It was such a joy to see how the whole community gathered together for the memorial service to celebrate the life of the boy shot dead.

I would also like to set up a WhatsApp group to send out more regular prayer requests. Please email and let me know if you would like to receive these and provide your contact details.

If you would like to financially support my ministry with SIM, please visit:

Prayer points

  • My passport was sent to the UK seven weeks ago, but does not seem to have arrived in the UK yet. Please pray that I can get my passport renewed soon. I need my passport back so I can renew my visa.
  • Pray for the sewing ladies in all the different ventures they are on.
  • Pray for safety in Lavender Hill – for the people living there and for me as I travel around.
  • Pray as I transition over to SIM to get the things done I need to and to raise the necessary funds.
  • Pray that my skills will be used for God’s glory.

Do let me know how I can be praying for you.

Much love,


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