Samuel Longok

Samuel is a BEST study partner at Uganda Christian University.

Samuel is from Karamoja, the poorest region in Uganda. There are few Christians there and many villages are unreached with the gospel. 

Samuel has worked at St Peter’s Church in Matany, Karamoja since 2017. It is a vast parish that Samuel covers on foot but, he says, ‘People are gradually responding to the gospel.’ From 2018 – 2019 Samuel continued to serve at St Peter’s alongside studying for a Diploma in Theology. The Bishop of Karamoja has recommended Samuel for further theological studies, to equip him for long-term service in the Church. Bishop Joseph writes, ‘These studies will further Samuel's understanding of written and practical ministry, to acquire more skills for ministry and to become mature in handling God’s word.’


Samuel is studying for a Bachelor of Divinity at Uganda Christian University. He needs £880 in 2020, £1,805 in 2021 and £925 in 2022.




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