February 2018


Looking Back

These last few months have been draining, refining, challenging and rewarding! It was a joy to have a good Ugandan friend to stay for four months but sadly she became unwell and hit a crisis in October. This was hard for us both but enabled us to share, cry, laugh and pray together throwing ourselves on our God who never ceases to be trustworthy.

Needless to say, we both arrived at the All Saint’s Children’s Camp utterly exhausted which gave us the opportunity to not just know but experience the truth that ‘when we are weak, then we are strong!’ The camp itself was incredible. The team were so united in Christ (some of us pictured above and children below) and dependent on God in prayer. The Spirit was so very clearly at work… even bringing to my mind illustrations and ways of explaining the gospel which have never come to mind before and were clearly impacting children and leaders alike. One of the girls from my slum school, when she learned that she was created in God’s image and was therefore special to him, said, ‘No-one has ever told me I’m special before. I don’t ever want God to let me go.’ There was a lot of confusion over sin with many people thinking their sin was ‘little’ and so of no matter to God. When we explained of God’s holiness and his standard of perfection that none of us can meet there was genuine concern about how we might be able to get right with God. When we stopped to seriously consider what Jesus went through for us - dying in our place; experiencing the wrath of God so that we wouldn’t have to; even being cut off from him - there were tears from both children and leaders all of which led to many heartfelt responses to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We thank God so much for your prayers and that he chooses to work though us: sinners saved by grace!

My brother and I (see pic opposite) enjoyed the many delights of Uganda and it’s people but not without some adventures along the way… a broken accelerator and a suitcase flying off the car roof to name two!

A particular highlight for me during the Living Word Conference was talking to a number of students desiring eagerly to be better equipped to teach children the truths of God.

I recently attended a conference in SA for those teaching bible teachers in Africa. The fellowship, prayer and teaching have left me rejuvenated and motivated to serve Jesus whole-heartedly (see pic).

Looking Ahead

Bible studies at All Saints resumed this week. We’re also thinking through how we can further train this group of leaders. On Sunday I visited Faith Bible Church pastored by a good friend of mine. He is hoping I might be able to start discipling some of the ladies at his church. We are also hoping to begin a monthly prayer meeting to pray earnestly that this nation might be truly transformed by the gospel.

Preparations for LWU area bible seminars are underway. We will be working through 2 Peter.

I am also hoping to begin writing up some of my talks from camp to be used in a Sunday school context as I am being asked on a regular basis if I have children’s materials that I could make available to others. It’s daunting but exciting!


8 Feb: First prayer meeting

17 Feb: First Faith Bible Church Women’s meeting

21-23 Feb: Attend retreat for women missionaries with Libby Halestrap

February: Possible weekend away with All Saint’s children’s leaders for fellowship and training

February: Resume lessons in Good Samaritan Primary School

March: Move house!

16 March: Central Region Area Bible Seminar.

April: Possible trip to Tanzania.

13 April: Northern Region ABS in Gulu.

21-30 May: Possible family holiday in Croatia to attend a family wedding.


  • Praise God for opportunities to share the gospel and life with many people
  • Praise God for the wonderful support and encouragement from Johannesburg Bible College in SA
  • Pray for my Ugandan friend to continue to get better
  • Pray for wisdom in looking for a new place to live possibly with Ugandan friends. I need to have moved by the end of March
  • Pray I would prioritise listening to Jesus over being busy for him
  • Pray for a deepening relationship with Faith Bible Church
  • Pray for a good start to the monthly prayer meetings
  • Pray, as ever, that as I open up God’s word in various contexts the Spirit would be transforming minds and hearts to love Jesus more
  • Pray for time to start preparing children’s materials
  • Pray for a possible trip to Tanzania. I have been asked by a pastor to travel there (it’s a 25-hour bus journey!) to be part of a mission week teaching women on the gospel; motivating them to share it and encouraging them in their faith
  • Pray I might be able to get the funds together to attend a family wedding in Croatia

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